Home Tuition – Terms & Conditions For Parents

For Parents

  1. Read our Fee Structure.
  2. Read about Classes & Subjects.
  3. Read the Refund PolicyClick here
  4. Register your kids after the selection of the tutor. Click here
  5. Continue 2 days of free demo classes are offered for you to select the best home tutor for your kids.
  6. If you want to take more demo classes then you will be charged an hourly basis tuition fee for those extra demo classes. Refer to our hourly-based tuition fee for more details.
  7. Feedback is taken on the 3rd day from you.
  8. We take feedback on the demo tutor on 3rd day and if you don’t give us feedback regarding the tutor (reason whatsoever), it means that the tutor can continue teaching your kid (s).
  9. Registration of your kids is done on the 3rd day by the tutor/you/company. The registration fee is ₹500/tutor (including the convenience fee of ₹99). The last 4 – digits of the aadhaar card of the student/parents are mentioned in the registration form.
  10. If the registration is not done then in this case we disconnect the tutor whenever there is a scarcity of tutors.
  11. The tuition fee is increased by ₹200/tutor on the 1st of April every year. Only eligible tutors as well as parents are allowed for it.
  12. Id Renewal fee every year is ₹99. It is charged in April every year.
  13. Pay the home tuition fees on time.
  14. Inform us if in case our Home Tutor giving your child/children tasks on WhatsApp.
  15. Contact us for any assistance.
  16. Complain to us directly regarding the Home Tutor.
  17. Inform us of any misleading or misbehaving with your child/children by our Home Tutor.
  18. Inform us if in case our Home Tutor charges extra fees or beyond the applicable fees.
  19. Your relationship with us is really valuable to us.
  20. All calls are recorded by us for quality checks & improvement.
  21. We call you regarding home tuition.
  22. Keep active incoming calls on your phone/mobile.
  23. Don’t switch off your phone/mobile.
  24. Take 2 teachers if in case you have 4 or more kids.
  25. If you have any queries regarding tuition fees, please call us before the demo.
  26. Do not discuss tuition fees with the teacher/tutor.
  27. The tuition fees can not be reduced/decreased on or after the demo classes.
  28. Leaves due to holidays, festivals, etc. are always counted in the working days. However, if you want, you can debit tuition fees for only the absence of the teacher/tutor.
  29. Don’t call the tutor at different time slots.
  30. Inform us if you want to cancel our home tuition service.
  31. The registration is cancelled within 24 hours from the time you discontinue our home tuition service.
  32. We call you between 8 AM – 9 PM regarding home tuition.
  33. We do not call you after 9 PM. But we receive your call 24/7.
  34. We keep your information for a maximum of 1 year after the cancellation of the home tuition service.
  35. We delete your all information except the contact details that you have submitted in the registration form.
  36. If you need once again our home tuition service, once new registration is done and the registration fee of 500 (including the convenience fee of ₹99) is charged.
  37. Replacement: If you want to change your home tutor , we arrange a new tutor with 2 days of demo classes. The demo classes are counted as working days after the selection of the new tutor.
  38. We arrange two tutors for the demo. The first priority tutor is the best for your kids. However, if the first tutor is not selected by you then we arrange a second tutor for the demo. The third and fourth days of demo classes can be counted as working days. Only the first two days are free and can’t be counted as working days.
  39. Inform your tutor 45 minutes before, if your kids will be absent (reason whatsoever).
  40. Note: Don’t hesitate to call us. Feel free to contact us for any queries or assistance. We will be happy to assist you.
  41. Tuition fee can’t be increased or decreased on/after demo classes from parents/tutor’s end.
  42. Parents are advised to ask the tutor to show the ID Proof of the tutor. Query Karo does not take any responsibility for the tutors.
  43. Don’t pay tuition fees in advance to the tutor.
  44. We charge an advance tuition fee for only those tutors who have a 4.0+ rating.
  45. Pay the tuition fee on time directly in the hands of the tutor.
  46. Complain us if you feel any inconvenience by the teacher/tutor.
  47. The Subject “Sanskrit” is not allowed in our company.
  48. Case I: We provide you a maximum of 5 tutors (3 non-professional tutors & 2 professional tutors) in a year. If you exhaust the limit, we pause the service and restart the service in the next year.
  49. Case II: If in case, we find any unusual activities or not following our T&Cs, we can discontinue the service. However, we give you a termination period of 15 days before discontinuing the service so that you can find a new tutor for your kids.
  50. Case III: If the situation is not under control then in this case, we can discontinue the service immediately.
  51. Case IV: Pay the tutor the tuition fee through UPI Payment (Online).
  52. Case V: Pay the tutor tuition fees by yourself i.e. don’t pay the tuition fee through your kids.
  53. Case VI: If a tutor is already teaching your kids. Even though, you want to take a tutor from us for your kids then pay a convenience fee of ₹99 to arrange a tutor for demo classes.
  54. Case VII: If in case, the demo tutor is rejected/discontinued due to the tuition fee, the parents will have to pay the company the tuition fee for the demo classes.
  55. Case VIII: If the demo tutor is selected but the parents deny the tutor to continue teaching their kids, the free demo classes can be counted as working days and the parents must pay the company the tuition fee for the demo classes.
  56. Case IX: If the demo tutor is a female, an alternate contact number is mandatory.
  57. Case X: The parents are requested to pay the tuition fees on time. However, the parents can take a maximum of 7 days after the month is completed to pay the tuition fees without any delay charges. If the parents fail to pay the tuition fees in the provided period, ₹25/day will be charged to the parents as a delay charge. The delay charges are received directly by the company.
  58. Case XI: If in case, the parents take a home tutor from anywhere during the demo classes, the free demo classes will not be valid for longer. The parents will have to pay the tuition fees for the demo classes.
  59. Case XII: If in case, you go on vacation for two or more weeks, kindly inform us before so that you will have not to pay the tuition fees for the weeks.
  60. Case XIII: Rest assured that there is no need to pay the tuition fees once the session is completed. The fee will only be charged when the new session is commenced. You can be confident that you will not be charged unnecessarily.
  61. Case XIV: Kindly clear all the dues up to the end of the old session before commencing the new session.
  62. Our Terms & Conditions may be altered at any time or situation without any prior notice or message to you. However, if any changes occur, we will update you regarding it.