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QA API Tester|Solugenix Off-Campus Drive 2022| Don’t Miss

QA API Tester

QA API Tester

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About :

QA API Tester jobs/roles are being offered by Solugenix. Solugenix is an information technology services firm that has a rich history of providing comprehensive technology services and solutions for more than five decades. As a pioneer in IT services, we’ve partnered with some of the biggest global corporations across many industries. Our history was built on a foundation of partnerships with global brands like McDonald’s, Microsoft, CIT Group, Johnson & Johnson, Herbalife, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and many others. Whether it’s providing dedicated support centres, staffing quality teams, or delivering business service solutions, clients can always count on Solugenix.


Company Name:Solugenix
Company Type:Pvt
Job Id/No:2022-7304
Package/Salary/CTC:Not Disclosed 
Industry Type:
Designation/Position: QA API Tester
Employment/Job Type: Full Time
Experience Type: Fresher
Years of experience:0-1 year
Work Location: Hyderabad
Work Shifts (if any):
Job posted on:May 4, 2022
Last date to apply:
No. of Vacancy:
Official Website:
Contact Email (if any):
Address (if any):
14726 132099714726 cshow

Eligibility (Who can Apply):

  • B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/M.Sc/MCA


  • B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/M.Sc/MCA


  • Communication skill


  • Responsible for system testing of API services using Cucumber and Postman.
  • Work with technical leads, product owners, and solution architects to understand user stories and application design
  • Understand and align with Sprint plans, delivery timelines, resource needs etc.
  • Work with the Scrum team and comply with the agile development processes, methodology and tools (such as JIRA)
  • Report daily status to technical lead/PM and highlight issues/risks proactively
  • Participate in the daily scrum meetings with the client and internal stakeholders – provide daily status for tasks assigned.
  • Raise QA defects as part of system testing activity in JIRA.
  • Ensure compliance with all functional requirements and non-functional requirements in the user stories assigned.

Hiring Process:

  • Apply it.
  • They will contact you either by call or by mail.


This content is the property of Solugenix. We have just published it on Query Karo for sharing information for the candidates who need QA API Tester jobs/roles. We hereby declared that the above-provided information is true and original as per our knowledge.

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14726 132098914726 cshow

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