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Journey to Unknown Planet 007

Journey to Unknown Planet

Let’s begin!

Journey to Unknown Planet 007: There was a spy agency. I was working in the agency. I am selected for a team for finding a gang of criminals. The manager of the agency had given an order to our team that we had to go to planet 007. We were ready and fully planned for it. We sit in the rocket for the journey to planet 007.

Journey Begins!

We were waiting to land on the planet. Unfortunately, the door of the rocket could not open and the emergency alarm. We got afraid. Light offed inside the rocket. We lost control over the rocket. Instead of landing on planet 007, we landed on an unknown planet.

Landed on Unknown Planet

Landed on Unknown Planet

We broke the door and came out. We saw, no one was there. Some of the team members went camping. Some of the team members were fixing the issues of the rocket.

There was a very beautiful girl in our team.

Beautiful Girl

All were focused on the mission and I was concentrating on her. All members including her in tension. I was happy because no tension of the task. I knew that fixing the issue of the rocket will take time. I walked nearby and enjoy nature. She saw and observed me. She asked, Why are you happy? Here, all are in trouble and you are in joy mood.

I said ” Happy, happy… Happy” I don’t like it but “Happy Likes me”, I can’t avoid it. She smiled?. We went for sleeping. Sunrises, and I invite all members to go and see the people of this planet. No one joined?. I decided to go alone? I was going then, she said please wait, I would like to join with you?.


I with her went to a nearby village. Once, we entered the village, all were looking at us. Because of my joy mood, I say “Hi?”. But no one responds?.


We went to see the park. I sit on one place in the park. She sits on the other place. There was no communication between me and her?. After some time, we were going out of the park. Suddenly, one kid said “STOP”. I asked, “What happened?” The kid said, you are looking something different. Are you from a different place? I said, “Yes, from a different planet”. Then you have to get a wife to go out from this park. This is a rule of this park. If you don’t have any wife while checkout then you will be sent to jail for 5 years. I was shocked? to hear it. After thinking a while, I said by looking toward her “Chhotu, don’t worry”. I got a wife ?.

I went near her and requested to play the role of my wife. She said ” are you mad?’. She refused?. My heart was broken into two parts?. She was going towards the gate. I was also going but I was behind her. She talked with the gatekeeper and she went out. Slowly-slowly, I also reached the gate and I went out. I got doubt, ?”Why did the gatekeeper not ask anything before coming out?” Then, I see at her. I understood.

I started dancing on the road.


I was so happy and jump from there. She was going ahead and I was coming behind her. I was feeling so happy and enjoying on the road. She looks back and smiles. Suddenly a vehicle accident her. I cry and run toward her. Bleeding was around her, I called an ambulance but due to an unknown planet, the number 108 did not connect. I asked for help from nearby people to arrange an ambulance immediately. The ambulance came.

My situation was like this song


We went hospital. I took care here intensively. After recovery, we went to see a river. We were happy now and enjoy it. We were taking some photos on the side of the river. Two ships crossed near her. Suddenly, she was kidnapped by the ship’s gang. I was taking photos and therefore, I was at some distance from her. I ran towards her but could not save her. I bent with my knees and shouted. ……… Due to shout, I got up and the dream was incomplete.

I hope you may like my dream.

Mukesh Pandit

Mukesh Pandit

Chief Marketing Officer
I'm currently working at Query Karo as Chief Marketing Officer since 21/06/2021.

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