Home Tuition – Terms & Conditions For Tutors

Note: The tutors are not allowed to beat any kids/students under any circumstances. If you do so, we can take serious legal action against you. Moreover, you will be fined for it too.

Note: The tutors are not allowed to encourage the students to use WhatsApp for any activities. Moreover, the tutors are strictly prohibited from giving the students homework on WhatsApp. If you do so, penalty of ₹99 can be applied to the tutors.

For Teachers / Tutors

  1. Download the Query Karo app. Keep it installed. The app is for home tuition. Without the app, we are unable to offer our services more flexibly and conveniently.
  2. Read the T&Cs of the parents. Click here.
  3. Read our Fee Structure.
  4. Read about Classes & Subjects.
  5. Read Refund Policy. Click here
  6. Register your students after your selection. Click here
  7. ₹500 will be charged to you if in case you don’t register your student(s).
  8. The registration fee is ₹199 (for non-professional male tutors), ₹299 (for non-professional female tutors & ₹499 (for professional male/female tutors).
  9. The registration fee is ₹999 (for non-professional male tutors – Desired Tuition Fee), ₹1499 (for non-professional female tutors – Desired Tuition Fee) & ₹1999 (for professional male/female tutors – Desired Tuition Fee). This is for those tutors who disagree with the fee structure. In this, the tutors will get tuition fees based on their interests. Note- The tutors are not guaranteed to get a home tuition. The registration fee is not refundable at any cost.
  10. The registration fee isn’t refunded to a tutor/teacher who has been sent to a home tuition for the demo classes.
  11. The registration is valid for the year in which you joined.
  12. Id Renewal fee every year is ₹199. It is charged in the month of January every year.
  13. If you fail to renew your id number on/before 31 January of every year then you will have to pay ₹299 to renew your id number.
  14. Ready for an online interview after filling out the registration form.
  15. We provide you an online verified profile with home tutor Id no. Remember your id no.
  16. An online verified profile is provided you. We use your details such as your name, date of birth , contact number , photo and address to create the online verified profile.
  17. We charge you 50%/tuition of the tuition fee for the first month of the tuition. It is fixed.
  18. A convenience fee of ₹49/m is charged, if the tutor is teaching in one or more than one home tuition. The convenience fee is charged in the last week of every month. Effective from 01/01/2024 for the tutors who join Query Karo as a tutor on/after 01/01/2024.
  19. Pay us 50% of the tuition fee + convenience fee ₹49/m through an online payment gateway when you receive the tuition fee from the parents.
  20. Pay the service charge within 3 days after receiving the tuition fees from the parents. If you don’t pay the service charge i.e 50% commission of one or more tuition(s) on time, you will be charged 10% interest on 50% commission. Also, you will be charged a delay charge of ₹10/day.
  21. After finalizing the first tuition, we provide you other home tuition.
  22. Female tutors must take care of herself about her safety while teaching at the student’s home.
  23. Ready to teach in-home tuition from Monday to Saturday for classes- Play to 8.
  24. Ready to teach in-home tuition from Monday to Friday for classes- 9 & 10.
  25. Ready to teach in-home tuition on alternate days for classes – 11 & 12.
  26. Ready to teach in-home tuition on alternate days for subject-wise home tuition.
  27. There will be 2 days of Free Demo Classes wherever you are going to teach. Once the confirmation from the Parents then on the confirmation basis, you may continue or discontinue.
  28. Teach the demo students according to their class & interest i.e. don’t teach basic to know the fundamental knowledge of the students.
  29. Show your Id proof to the parents on the first day of the demo classes.
  30. Submit a xerox of your aadhaar card when it is asked by the parents to submit. It is allowed you to submit the xerox after the student registration successfully.
  31. If there is no issue from the parents of the students, you will have to teach students for at least 3 months after you are selected for the home tuition.
  32. We do not accept/receive tuition fees from the parents.
  33. Do not discuss tuition fees with the parents.
  34. Keep good behaviour with the parents and be eco-friendly with them.
  35. Teach your students for their dream future.
  36. Be punctual.
  37. Give homework to your students every day.
  38. Explain topics in more simple and more easily understandable.
  39. If possible, take backup on Sunday for those absent days.
  40. Give your best for the bright future of your students.
  41. The tuition fees can not be increased/decreased on or after the demo classes.
  42. We do not accept advanced payment of home tuition fees.
  43. The fee is paid by the parents as the month is completed.
  44. Inform the parents to pay the tuition fee when the month is completed.
  45. Tuition fee is charged from the parents based on Class & Distance.
  46. Tuition fee is not charged from the parents based on your experience, your qualifications, parents’ living styles, financial conditions of the parents etc.
  47. The fee structure is valid for those tutors whose teaching experience is ≥ 3 years.
  48. We provide you a maximum of 3 home tuitions between 2 PM to 7 PM.
  49. There is no time duration to get home tuition after joining us.
  50. Please be patient, we will provide you home tuition as soon as possible.
  51. The tuition fee is increased by ₹200/parent on the 1st of April every year. Only eligible tutors as well as parents are allowed for it.
  52. Complete the syllabus on time.
  53. No activities on WhatsApp such as homework, chatting, etc.
  54. Don’t receive unwanted calls such as calls from friends, relatives etc while teaching in the home tuition. Receive only emergency calls.
  55. Don’t ask personal details of the student.
  56. Don’t mislead at the student’s home.
  57. You should not be an alcoholic.
  58. You should not be a smoker.
  59. Don’t share any data with your friends regarding home tuition.
  60. All calls are recorded by us for quality checks & improvement.
  61. We call you between 8 AM – 9 PM regarding home tuition.
  62. We do not call you after 9 PM. But we receive your call 24/7.
  63. Don’t switched off your phone/mobile.
  64. Keep active incoming call on your phone/mobile.
  65. Inform the parents of the kids if you want to leave for 2 or 3 days, i.e., avoid informing the parents regarding leaves through their kids.
  66. We are not responsible if in case you do any unethical activities such as cheating, stealing, damaging things etc.
  67. If you are a female tutor then please protect yourself wherever you are teaching or will teach. Your safety & Security is in your hands.
  68. The Female Tutors are not allowed to teach in home tuition after 6 PM.
  69. The Female Tutors are not allowed to travel through any 3rd parties transport such as transport of the home tuition parents, friends etc. to reach either the student’s home or the tutor’s home. Use your personal or public transport.
  70. The female tutors are prohibited from eating & drinking anything at the student’s home. Kindly keep your water bottle.
  71. The female tutors are prohibited from teaching in home tuition where the father of the kids is an alcoholic.
  72. The female tutors are allowed to go with their family members at the time of demo classes. However, the tutors must inform the company regarding it so that the company can balance & communicate from both ends (parents as well as tutors).
  73. We don’t guarantee safety & Security physically.
  74. We can connect you with parents within a radius of 3 km.
  75. Use only one contact number for all communications either with us or with parents.
  76. Maintain a good personality and use suitable perfume when you go for teaching in the Home Tuition.
  77. Let’s assume that parents reject you for any reason whatsoever. After a few days, if you receive a call from the parents, please inform us immediately.
  78. Don’t teach students from where you are rejected by the parents.
  79. Don’t teach at less fee where you are already rejected by the parents.
  80. Don’t teach without student registration.
  81. Don’t bargain the tuition fee with parents at the time of the demo.
  82. Don’t be more absences.
  83. If you are absent then the parents may debit from your tuition fee.
  84. Don’t shout at the parents. As the customer is our god.
  85. Don’t use WhatsApp, YouTube, reels etc. while teaching.
  86. If you are not compatible with our T&Cs then you may not get home tuition.
  87. If you don’t want to continue our relationship, we delete your all data after you have cleared all dues. Although, we always keep your information such as your name, address, photo, email id, contact number and date of birth to avoid rejoining.
  88. We only receive direct calls i.e. we don’t receive or call using any 3rd parties apps such as WhatsApp etc.
  89. Don’t give us feedback on any 3rd parties apps or websites except Google Play Store.
  90. Case 1: The parents can debit/cut tuition fee for only your absence in the home tuition.
  91. Case 2: Receive the tuition fee for all present days when you leave the home tuition. e.g Fee x No. of present days/30.
  92. Case 3: If in case, the parents don’t cut/minus the tuition fee for absent days for the past 3 months & pay the full tuition fee, then no need to pay the tuition fee when we replace the tutor. But the working days of the tutor should not be greater than 15 days.
  93. Case 4: Give the high priority on home tuitions that you got from us than any other home tuitions.
  94. Case 5: If you are rejected by the parents in the first month of the home tuition, pay a convenience fee of ₹99.
  95. Case 6: If you leave the home tuition in the first month of the home tuition, pay 50% of the amount that you will get from the parents for your working days.
  96. Case 7: If in case we disconnect you from the home tuition in the first month of the home tuition, no need to pay any amount
  97. Case 8: If the parents requested to change the tutor or inform us that you can’t continue teaching there, we parallelly inform you regarding tutor replacement or rejection. No need to call the parents to cross verification.
  98. Case 9: If in case you are rejected by consecutive 3 parents, we ban you.
  99. Case 10: Call/Message us to know the availability of the home tuition so that we could know your interest or activeness.
  100. Case 11: If you are living in a rental home then remember the name of the areas in a radius of 3km.
  101. Case 12:. If you visit our office and the registration is done by us, the Registration Fee will be ₹501.
  102. Case 13: If in case, you leave the home tuition without informing us, we can take serious legal action against you. Moreover, we can charge ₹500 from you as a penalty.
  103. Case 14: We don’t charge tuition fees based on the interest or match of the teachers/tutors.
  104. Case 15: We do not provide you home tuition according to your needs & wants. We provide you home tuition by considering the convenience of both parents as well as tutors.
  105. Case 16: The tutors are not allowed to beat any kids/students under any circumstances. If you do so, we can take serious legal action against you. Moreover, you will be fined for it too.
  106. Case 17: If in case, you got a home tuition through us & paid a 50% service charge of the home tuition. Afterwards, if you don’t respond to our call then we can discontinue the home tuition & provide a new tutor in the home tuition.
  107. Case 18: To conduct a CFT Test is mandatory.
  108. Case 19: The tutors can either contact us directly at 9546287440 or message us through the Query Karo App. We don’t reply on any 3rd parties apps such as WhatsApp etc.
  109. Case 20: The tutors are not allowed to send any 3rd parties such as family members, relatives, friends etc. in place of themselves. If you do so, strictly legal action against you can be taken.
  110. Case 21: The company receives delay charges from the parents. The tutors are not allowed to receive the delay charges from the parents. However, if they receive it, they have to credit it to the company’s account.
  111. Case 22: If in case, you want to take backup classes then you will have to take the backup classes at the same time slot.
  112. Case 23: Receive the tuition fees once the month is completed. Don’t disturb the parents regarding the tuition fees before the month is completed.
  113. Online Interview: Any one member of the family of the female tutor can sit beside the tutor during the interview but the member should not be in front of the camera. Effective from 29/01/2024.
  114. The tutors who are introduced to our service must give us feedback regarding it on the Google Play Store.
  115. It is mandatory to mark attendance.
  116. If neither the parents nor the tutor mark their respective ABSENT attendance & any dispute arises between the Tutor and the Parent then Queey Karo will not be responsible. The Tutor can not demand/claim any amount of Money from Query Karo, Query Karo will not accept such claims/demands.
  117. The female tutor is not allowed to conduct the demo class in the absence of the student’s mother at the student’s home.
  118. Case 24: If in case the tutor is absent during the final examination of the student, three days are counted as absent days for every absence.
  119. Case 25: If in case your id is not renewed and you accept home tuition through us. The Id renewal fee of ₹199 is counted as a due amount.
  120. Case 26: Pay a convenience fee of ₹99 when you leave the company.
  121. Case 27: Male tutor must be clean – shave (moustache & beard) & keep proper hair size & style.
  122. Case 28: If in case, you don’t submit a copy of your Aadhar card to the parents in a given time, we will submit a digital copy of your Aadhaar card to the parents on your behalf.
  123. If in case, you are rejected by the parents in the first month as well as they discontinue our service, pay 50% of the tuition fee of the working days.
  124. If in case, you are rejected by the parents after the first month is completed, pay 25% of the tuition fee.
  125. If in case, the parents rejected you as well as they discontinue our services, pay 50% of the tuition fee.
  126. If in case, you leave the home tuition after the first month is completed, pay 50% of the tuition fee.
  127. If in case, we discontinue you from the home tuition after the first month is completed, pay 25% of the tuition fee.
  128. If in case, you are banned by us, we use your Aadhaar number/PAN number/school registration number/college registration number on our website (querykaro.com) to avoid you rejoining. Check here
  129. Team Query Karo will call you by your name in the given format: Your name – Er. Mukesh Pandit, we call you “Mukesh Ji“. Prefix & surnames are not included when we call you by your name. Another format: Your name is Padmini Singh, we call you “Padmini Ji“. The words “Sir/Ma’am” are not included in the name as a suffix. Note: The word/character “Ji” is used to show/give respect when we call you by your name.
  130. Wherever the term tutor or teacher is used, both are the same.
  131. Our Terms & Conditions may be altered at any time or situation based without any prior notice or message to you. However, if any changes occurred, we will update you regarding it.
  132. If you violate our T&Cs, we may take serious legal action against you.