Home Tuition – Parents Eligibility


  1. Minimum qualification of the parents should be 10th Passed.
  2. should have a contact number & WhatsApp number.
  3. should have an android phone.
  4. should have an email address.
  5. should have a UPI Payment facility.
  6. must have knowledge of the internet.
  7. should not be an alcoholic (if in case, you need a female tutor).
  8. should not be a smoker & drinker (if in case, you need a female tutor).
  9. should not have any police claim/case (if in case, you need a female tutor).
  10. should have atleast a kid.
  11. should have school Id card of the kid.
  12. 1 recent color photo of the kid.
  13. Under Intermediate to Graduate tutors are allowed to teach students of classes – Play to 5. Although , if you demand any upper degree holder , you will have to pay tuition fee of Rs4k/m or Rs500/hour & Registration fee of Rs999.
  14. If you need a fluent in English tutor for classes – Play to 1 , you must have also fluent in English else the tuition fee will be Rs4k/m or Rs500/hour and Registration fee of Rs999.Moreover, your communication either with us or the tutor must & should be in only English.